Hey, I’m Kristina! Thanks for making your way to my page!
I was even given the opportunity to lead Canada’s localization and entire HyperCare transition of Recruitment Administration work over to a global team of 20 in the Philippines. I trained the brand new global team virtually over 1 month, participated in daily escalation stand up calls with other HR process leaders from around the world, and QC’d every output of work for a 4 month period to ensure successful transition of work from Canada to Philippines
Listening to a podcast, or LinkedIn Learning course DJ’ing (in my living room) Reading Planning my next meal
After earning a degree in Cultural Anthropology, I completed my HR post grad, and landed my first gig as a Recruiter at Canada’s Wonderland! Here I had the opportunity to work as an HR coordinator as well, before being promoted to the role of Supervisor of Recruitment after 1 season. Gaining management experience as the Supervisor of a fast paced Recruitment operation so early in my career was an impactful opportunity! In addition to taking on all ‘specialty’ recruitment for the park (ex. from Marketing/PR, IT and Cash Control, to Executive Chefs and Waterslide mechanics!), I was directly responsible for recruiting, training, and supervising a team of 9 recruiters, and ensuring the successful hiring of 4,000+ candidates in 3 months so that the park could open fully staffed!
A few days in, my new manager called the team together for a huddle. She announced confirmation of a global HR Ops restructure, and that my departments work would be offshored to new global hubs around the world within 1 yr. “more to come”. This made me more motivated than ever to learn as much as I could before the end of my contract. ...8 months turned into over 3 years of amazing experience, and I had my contract extended 4 times!
Not your average tech recruiter. I’m thankful I’ve been able to discover what energizes me early on in my career, and I absolutely LOVE what I do! A curious recruiter and talent strategist, everyday I have the opportunity to impact both the bottom line for the organization, as well as the lives and career paths of so many amazing people!
Allow me to introduce myself...
Im a possibilities person! I love transforming Talent Strategies to drive greater impact and ROI Enabling the delivery of a flawless Candidate and hiring manager experience. Learning! Project Management - nothing gets me more excited than building a project roadmap!
When I’m not busy recruiting top talent, I’m probably...
• Primary Pioneer - all about Possibilities. I love to create & innovate 💡🚀 • Secondary Driver - Impact and delivery. Team get stuff done! 🛠📈
Joined the Talent Acquisition team as a TA Specialist, responsible for IT, Legal, and JLABS innovation recruitment across all 3 of JNJs operating companies (Consumer, Pharma, and Medical Devices)
About me...
...Some of the best days I can remember as a kid we’re days spent at CW with friends or family (splashworks, funnel cakes, henna tats...what more could a kid want?) - it felt pretty cool to be staffing the park and hiring awesome and hardworking people to ensure every kid visiting the park will have that same “best day of the summer” experience I did!
What’s my Business Chemistry?
What’s my “Business Chemistry”?
...A few weeks in, the University Recruiter left the company, and I was tasked with taking on a dual role of University Lead Recruiter for Canada, while continuing to manage my professional portfolio.
Joined the worlds largest healthcare company, Johnson & Johnson Inc. as a Recruitment Coordinator on an 8 month contract.
Pictured below - the head of Rides let me climb to the top of the Leviathan on my last day! (...he lost a bet that I wouldn’t be able to fill all his positions in 1 month😎)
Work that I’m most passionate about
My career journey and milestones thus far...
Primary Pioneer - all about Possibilities. I love to create & innovate Secondary Driver - Impact and delivery. Team get stuff done!
Recruiting for ‘specialty’ positions and the parks own HR team, managing labour budgets, training hundreds of staff daily, conducting performance reviews, tactfully managing candidate (and parent) escalations...and even working at the front gates scanning passes on wildly busy days! SO many important lessons were learnt working and leading in this extremely fast-paced, high volume recruitment operation, and I continue to draw from this experience in my career today. Thanks for the ride, CW!
I (nervously) jumped at this opportunity, and was amazing at how much I learnt and accomplished!
With goals of working in a more tech focused recruitment role - I joined Deloitte as a Campus Recruitment Advisor managing all campus Tech Consulting recruitment across Ontario, as well as dSpace, Deloitte’s innovation and prototyping lab @ Communitech in Waterloo