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7 TED Talks that will make you a better recruiter
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Stay Organized in your Job search is a major key! Job searching is almost a full time job in itself. Tip - use project planning tools to stay organized, and track your progress and follow ups. Asana (free version) • Trello (free version) • Notion (free version)
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“How can I make my resume stand out?” “Where should I look for jobs/internships?” “How do I build my network, and make lasting connections?” Below are some of my favourite resources to help answer some of these questions!
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Need some help with your Resume? Your resume is your first impression! Make sure it tells your story, and helps you stand out from the crowd... (templates +) • (templates +) • (resume builder) • (resume builder) • (resume builder)
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Student Intern Communities to Follow on LinkedIn and get involved with • InternMakers • Maxup • Wonsulting • • Augment • PM School • Complete a virtual internship via InsideSherpa
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