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Toronto’s tech scene

The facts...


By 2020, there will be more tech jobs in Toronto than Silicon Valley

...wait, what!?


Toronto is the 3rd largest tech market in North America - with over 14,000 tech companies and 65+ incubators


More than $1.4 Billion dollars invested in Toronto’s tech ecosystem in September 2018 alone! (Yes, I said $1.4 Billion)


Toronto now boasts the highest concentration of AI start ups!

...thanks to Google’s $5mil investment into the vector institute last year, and aligned buy in from the cities academic, government, and corporate partners.


In 2017, Toronto created more Tech jobs than the Bay Area, Seattle, and Washington DC COMBINED!

Tech in 2020


(updated monthly)

Coinbase to open a Canadian office in 2021

“As part of the international expansion announcement, Coinbase further committed to being a remote-first company, which means that new hires in Canada and elsewhere will have the option to work anywhere in their country of hire.”

(Jan 2021)

SalesForce to buy Slack for $27.7 billion, in its largest ever acquisition!

(Dec 3 2020)

Shopify just announced they’re planning to double their engineering team in 2021 by hiring 2,021 new technical roles! All fully remote. (Dec 2)

Chime to hire 100 Tech workers by end of 2021 in Vancouver

General Motors (GM) - “The automaker will hire 3,000 engineers, designers and technology specialists between now and the end of the first quarter, and most of those people can work remotely, opening up the talent pool across the nation.”

Meet the 2020 Technology Fast 50 program winners! And yes, they’re HIRING!

Canada’s fastest growing technology companies are taking innovation and leadership to new heights

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5 Charts: Waterloo vs. America's top emerging tech hubs

Waterloo is at the top of a lot of rankings in Canada. For example, Waterloo is home to Canada’s #1-ranked computer science, engineering and mathematics school, three fastest-growing tech companies and highest quality tech workforce. In the Canadian context, KW shines.

How does KW’s Canadian tech credentials hold up against America’s top emerging tech markets?

Check out this article for the answers. If you like data (and a little friendly competition), then you will love this series!

(Nov 2020)

Article 👩🏻‍💻

Toronto grabs 4th spot on Tech Talent list, adds 66,900 jobs in last 5 years

Toronto's ranking was down one spot from last year, as Washington, D.C. - chosen in 2018 to be host of Amazon's second quarters - jumped two spots to No. 2 after the San Francisco Bay Area.

Seattle - home of Amazon's original head quarters - slipped one notch to No. 3 and New York City stayed at No. 5

(July 2020)

Article 👩🏻‍💻

9 Future of Work Trends post Covid

(June 2020)

Article 👩🏻‍💻

The 13 Biggest Takeaways of Collision from Home

(June 2020)


Google announces they are tripling their Canadian workforce!


Article 👩🏻‍💻

“Why Canada’s largest city has become a hard hitting global tech hub”

The Toronto-waterloo Tech corridor now supports 5,200 start ups and 15,000 tech companies, making it the 2nd largest tech cluster in North America!

Article 👩🏻‍💻

Our friends at Communitech spoke to University of Waterloo Grads to understand why Canadians are still taking their talents to Silicon Valley.

Despite the great strides we’ve made to keep homegrown talent in Canada, we will continue to battle brain drain.

KEY TAKEAWAY? If you’re not heavily investing in your early talent strategy - YOU’RE LATE!

tech In 2019

Article 👩🏻‍💻

“Technology in 2019: some clouds, many silver linings”

(click to read)

2019, Still No sign of the Toronto Tech Boom Slowing down...

Toronto has never seen momentum like it’s experiencing right now!

In September 2018 alone, the city drew over 1.4 Billion dollars in investment from U.S and Canadian companies, ranging from global tech giants to local start ups...

Here’s some of the top headlines:






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